About Danita

Danita Lyn

Welcome to my shop! I'm so glad you're here. My art is from the heart, and is definitely an extension of my soul.

My name is Danita Lyn. I'm a free-spirited, colorul, happy mother of 7 who adores art. I love life, in every way possible and I enjoy the pursuit of happiness. It could be found through the song of a bird in the morning, the sound and smell of a fresh rain, the soothing sounds of the ocean waves and the warmth of the sand, the laughter of a child, or the smiling embrace of a friend. I seek beauty in all things, and as I look for it in everyday life, I find that it too seeks me out. Through this infinite inspiration, my spirit is constantly reminded of all that is precious, and beautiful, which is what I try to convey through my art.

My goal is to share what I see, and feel…and that my hope is that you will feel something too.


My artwork is very playful most of the time. I like to play with the colors, papers, textures and anything else that catches my eye. In my work you will find layers of hidden things, some just for decoration, some with very specific meanings. I am primarily a mixed media artist, however, I also make many other items. Jewelry is a favorite too!

So I hope you enjoy looking through my shop. You'll learn a little more about me by the time you're done. I'd be honored if you choose to purchase something to take home, or share with a friend. Sharing is caring!

Be Blessed on your Journey!